As well as building your website and registering your domain ( we also offer to host your finished website. Websites always need hosting, which is in effect somewhere to store the website so that it can be accessed by your customers 24hrs a day, 365 days a a year.

You don't have to host with us, but we believe our hosting offers better value and more features than you are going to find elsewhere? In particular, the type of backup we offer is rarely offered by other hosting companies, and for a CMS site is essential.


The traditional backup method used by hosting companies is to guard against THEIR failure. If the server goes wrong, they will restore everything as it was before the problem. They do not backup and guard against problems that they don't cause. As such, should you accidentally wipe some crucial information or delete a page when editing, their is no way to recover the information. Also, should the worst happen and your website is hacked, they won't be able to restore it.

At Inception-ads, we run a full website backup either every night or every day, and allow you to access that backup. We also hold at least 5 backups in an archive that you can access and restore from on demand. Your website is a major investment, and our job is to keep it safe.